Swami, a scholar of the traditional Kalari ayurveda, helps the guests
to find a balance between body, spirit and soul.
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Your body needs more than food: our ayurvedic kalari massage spa rejuvenates and heals body & soul.

Kalarippayat is one of the oldest martial art forms of Asia. It developed over centuries its own system of ayurvedic oil massages, the Kalari massage. Kalari requires physical and mental discipline. Attitude, technique and skill are handed down over generations along with the knowledge of the physiology & vital points of the body.

As a result Kalari has a superior effectiveness, it is more then a wellness program: It offers rejuvenation, better flexibility, reduction of fat tissues and treatments for rheumatism, arthritis, back pain, headache & stress related disorders. The ideal duration is 7 to 15 days.

We developed special treatments to complement short stays. They help you to relax & tone your body and give you an insight into an ancient spa tradition.

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