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 The Malabar House & Malabar escapes
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On the radar private Kerala, view...
  trinity by DESIGN TODAY

The rooms have been conceived with a contemporary
Indian design feel but with a distinct desire to maximize
the Kerala experience.
  privacy by OUTLOOK traveller

It's not far from Kochi, and not far at all from Kumarakom,
but you won't want to go there not if you are staying
at privacy at Sanctuary bay.
  Malabar escapes & The Malabar House
by Condé Nast Traveller

Indian summer, view...
  Malabar escapes & The Malabar House
by l'art de VOYAGER

Coup de Coeur, Malabar escapes, view…
  The Malabar House by TASTE & TRAVEL
Not too large or too small, this boutique hotel is
perhaps what all travelers love to experience.